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Rachel Vickhouse

Owner & Founder

Between you & I… I needed an escape. I’m not sure when or where a mom of two, full-time career, wife, (continues list) is supposed to find “me time”? That bizarre treadmill eye contract, & what do I do among all these meat head dudes in the big box gym wasn’t exactly my “hour break”.  In college, I could dance the night away with my girlfriends, butttttt now I’m exhausted by 9 pm. MVP Dance Fit is my escape from crabby society, unobtainable expectations & 1 hour to focus on my forgotten priority… ME!


I designed MVP Dance Fit to be what I felt others would also love… which is why I dreamed of a fitness facility that didn’t look like a “gym”, with child care, pricing I don’t need to “budget for”, wellness products that make sense because I’m still going to eat fried chicken & donuts,  & the banging music & sweat from college club nights.. without the 2am “last call”.


Life is flying by and we only get one body. I want to give each and every body who walks through our doors a chance to learn about wellness, cardio, toning & themselves. I bleed #LYBLYB


Director of Operations

Hi I'm Chelsea! I am the Director of Operations here at MVP Dance Fit and I want to help YOU have the most positive experience here possible!  I have a wonderful husband, a perfect little boy, and two awesome dogs! I LOVE hard workouts, pizza, and shaking it in SWERK!


I am a Certified Athletic Trainer and have a background in Sports Nutrition and Exercise/Injuries! I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!!!

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