My jr. year of high school I injured my back from dancing and I was told there was a possibility that I wouldn’t be able to dance again; or at least be able to dance the same. After going through therapy  I was able to dance again, and even better than before, which ultimately inspired me to study kinesiology. Coming back from college I gained a lot of weight and felt like I lost who I was mentally, physically, and spiritually. At the worst I’ve ever been I was encouraged to start working out and slowly started to feel like myself again, but better! After realizing what fitness has done for me I decided to become a personal trainer so I could be able to help others that are also wanting to regain themselves, to become better than what they used to be!

Battle of the Bands

There are three different tiers of Battle of the Bands. You will choose the specific tier on how well you would like to prepare yourself as you take on your battle. The higher the tier, the higher the likelihood of achieving your goal!

Each tier is concerned with planning (making a strategy), which involves analyzing the band resistance, estimating your capabilities and limitations, and your action (staying consistent).

A key to success in war and other conflicts is the ability to adapt rapidly to the changing situation so you will not break under pressure. Exercise of this judgment is the art of war at each level.



  • Battle of the Bands Program

  • Support group



  • Battle of the Bands Program

  • Support Group

  • 1 resistance band

  • Meal plan



•Free workout program for your desk job

•Meal plan

•Access to the Facebook online support group

•1 Entry for raffle! Prize will be announced by the start of the program winner will be announced at the end of the program

● 2 free bands of your choice (any resistance level)

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