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As a busy mom with three kids, I know you can't spend hours in the gym to get fit or lose weight!  Overcoming an eating disorder has taught me a great deal about food and how to use it to fuel your body.  Getting the results you want is all about good nutrition and 30 to 45 minutes at home or in the gym.  It's about creating healthy habits and not about impossible to follow restrictions.

   I know I can help you with the right plan to feel your best so you can be your best!  Let's get started today building a consistent plan and establishing the right routines to succeed at living a healthy life!


6 Weeks to Bust out that Beach Bod!

6 weeks to bust out that beach bod!  There are several full body HIIT workouts.  You will work for 45 seconds and take a 15 second rest.  If you can't go the whole time, take a quick break and get back into it.  Write down your weights and keep track so that you can up the weights in a week or two.  You will repeat these exercises for 4 weeks so that we can see the changes in your body!  Push yourself for 45 seconds.  It feels like a long time but it will help build stamina and strength.  Please take the rest days!  These are full body workouts and your body will need to rest to see results!  I'm looking forward to working with you to reach your goals!

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6 week Beach body + meal plan for $50


6 week meal plan for $20


Get slim in 6 weeks!  This meal plan focuses on weight loss and leaning out.  Learn how to eat to burn fat and build lean muscle!

12 week meal plan with coaching for $100

In Person Training

Train with me in person!

30 min. personalized training session for $25

QUAD WOD - $10 each (requires, at least, 4 people)

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