Join date: Apr 10, 2022

I am a straight 42 year old male who loves to dance and is a good dancer. I also have a great sense of humor ( I have to have a great sense of humor especially if I am the only guy taking these dance/swerk classes which is both exciting and terrifying as I think about it now especially around so many talented attractive females .. which isnt why I am taking the class at all .. thats the terrifying part.). I also love country line dancing, hip hop dancing, free style, rave/club dancing, latin/salsa dancing, and ballroom dancing. I swear I should have been a dance instructor or was a choriographer (spelling) in another previous life. Dancing has always been a passion of mine like helping people and airplanes, cooking, working out, movies, staying educated,making people laugh, and meeting new people.

I work fulltime in outside sales for a large telecommunications company in Dayton and Columbus, OH and part-time on farm, doing property management, and part-time doing project management for a railroad company.

I walk 3-10 miles a day 6 days a week with my fulltime Sales job and I workout 3-4 times a week at the gym near my house doing a high intensity workout a trainer gave me 2 years ago and lifting weights. I used to do zumba for 5 years prior to the Covid pandemic and have tried pilates to strengthen my core.

I had lower back surgery in 2008 (laminectomy) and that of course was life changing but after the surgery I was out of pain and off the antidepressives and hell bent on changing my diet (which is still in transition) and seeing my abs and strengthening my butt and my legs and my lower back so I never ever again hurt my back.

I am single and from Tipp City and I have an English Bulldog named Nova who is my best friend currently. She is very playful and so adorable with all her wrinkles.

My goal with MVP Dance Fit/ Swerk is to be dancing (which I love) and lose a ton of calories and strengthen my core and my butt so much that I look better physical and feel better in my clothes. And maybe make some new friends/meet some new people that also like to dance and want to better themselves.