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MVP Dance Fit


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MVP Dance Fit became a virtual gym in 2020 so that we are able to help keep you healthy, sane, & connected during this difficult time! Oh AND have fun!!

Here's what you need to know in 5 easy steps.

1. Your passes & memberships will now connect & are used for this new virtual fitness experience!

2. In order to join a class you need to sign up in the free MINDBODY app like you normally would. Please pre-register for a class at least 1 hour before it begins.

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3. To view & take part in the virtual classes you will also need to make sure you download the free ZOOM app.

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4. You will receive an email 1 hour prior to the class starting with a link for you to join! 

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5. You will then be linked to the class & can see the live instructors as well as see any #fitfam members who are also doing the class! #virtualcommunity #lyblyb

Recommend a friend to join from anywhere in the world & you can earn 5 MVP BUCKS every time!! 

Need to grab a new pass/membership? 


Support small businesses by purchasing gift cards

Maybe you know a friend that needs to get their sweat on to feel better!

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Check out our FAQs:

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