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Family Fitness: Fun Workouts for Parents and Kids

Written by: Kaylie Ricks

Staying active and enjoying fitness doesn't have to be lonely! Here at MVP, we believe that fostering a healthy lifestyle begins at home! If you have kids, nieces and nephews or a chosen family throughout your neighborhood, why not make fitness a family affair?

As parents, setting a positive example for your children goes beyond just words—it involves action. Engaging in physical activities together not only strengthens the family bond but also instills healthy habits from an early age. Beyond the physical benefits, family fitness promotes emotional well-being and creates lasting memories.

Tips for Family Fitness:

  1. Plan Active Outings: Choose activities that get the whole family moving, such as hiking, biking, or a trip to the local park. Make it a habit to explore the outdoors together.

  2. Turn Chores into Games: Transform everyday chores into fun, active games. Set a timer and see who can tidy up their room the fastest, or make a game out of folding laundry with creative challenges.

  3. Create a Home Workout Routine: Design a simple and effective home workout routine that includes exercises suitable for both parents and kids. Incorporate bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and push-ups, making it a fun and interactive experience.

Family-Friendly Exercise Routines:

  1. Dance Party: Crank up the music and have a family dance party in the living room. Not only is it a great cardiovascular exercise, but it's also an excellent way to express creativity and have a blast together.

  2. Obstacle Course: Set up an obstacle course in the backyard using household items like cones, hula hoops, and jump ropes. Take turns navigating the course and challenge each other to beat the clock.

  3. Yoga for All Ages: Explore the benefits of yoga as a family. There are many kid-friendly yoga routines available online that incorporate storytelling and animal poses, making it an engaging and mindful activity for everyone.

  4. Bring Them To the Gym With You: At MVP we offer Kid's Swerk classes for our younger gym goers! If you're not working out with them, we encourage you to provide them the opportunity to run around with other kids, dance it out, and get their heart rates pumping! Not located in Ohio? Check to see if there are kid's classes at your local gyms!

We encourage families to embark on a fitness journey that promotes health, happiness, and togetherness. By incorporating these family-friendly workouts into your routine, you're not just exercising your bodies—you're strengthening the foundation of a healthy lifestyle for your entire family. Join us in fostering a culture of wellness that extends beyond our gym walls and into the heart of your home. Let's make family fitness an adventure worth sharing! What activity can you attempt with the family this week?


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