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Amanda's Tears to Testimonies

Tears to Testimonies Post 1

Our instructors share their inspiring mini stories with you!

Our MVP Dance Fit Xenia instructor Amanda Stroup might seem like a total Tone It Up & Yoga babe naturally but she has her own weight loss journey & testimony to share!

I was diagnosed with PCOS and hypothyroidism which makes losing weight and maintaining a healthy life style more challenging. In 2011 I gained over 40 pounds before I was diagnosed with PCOS. After finding the right balance of medication, exercise, and diet I was able to get back to healthy and happy body. I noticed in 2017 I started to gain weight again, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Again, with the right balance of medication, exercise, and diet I was able to get to a body that I am happy with. Group fitness is essential for keeping me mentally and physically fit. Working out with a room full of women who are all there for the singular goal of being their best version of themselves is so inspiring!! It's also been so helpful to have the support of so many ladies who have had their own struggles to encourage you and to push you to be your best!!!

Every time I see you workout babes in my Tone it Up or Oily Yoga class - it just keeps inspiring me to push myself even more & reach my goals.

Thank you so much #fitfam! Not sure where I would be without you!!


Amanda S.

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