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Courtney's Testimony

Tears to Testimonies 2

Our instructors share their inspiring mini stories with you!

Courtney circa 2014. Cute right? But far from living up to her potential. My fitness journey really didn’t start with my physical fitness, and won’t end there either. Back then I was your average teen that had a lot of trouble dealing with all the other “average teens” and it cost me my inner peace and in turn cost me my physical health. I don’t share my story publicly too often because in truth, people tend to be less supportive and forgiving toward girls with stories like mine. My unhealthy habits didn’t involve eating too much or obsessing over the scale, but in fact just the opposite. My anxiety worsened over time and before I realized what happened to me, food just wasn’t a part of my daily routine. Now if you’ve ever struggled with portion control or struggled with losing weight you could be thinking “Yeah okay, I would love to have that ‘problem’, she’s never been overweight she couldn’t understand”…. right? Well I haven’t been overweight, that’s true, but I’ve cried while holding clumps of my hair that just kept falling out in the shower. I’ve been embarrassed about chipping my teeth on the bathroom wall after passing out from malnutrition. Too much of a “good” thing isn’t good anymore.

Balance is the goal. Inner peace is what I strive for. I would have never found that if I hadn’t stepped foot into my first fitness class as a client those handful of years ago. From the time that picture was taken I’ve gained 55 pounds. FIFTY FIVE pounds of self-worth and love. And what do I want to do now? SHARE IT. Show as many people as I can that no matter what, who, or where they are it doesn’t change that they deserve their own path to their inner peace. It won’t look like mine, or anyone else’s and that’s okay. Better than okay. It makes me so excited to be a part of the MVP family and get to love others through their own beautiful journey. I want to give back that feeling of belonging that was given to me when I needed it most. And I’ll keep on doing that for as long as I can!

Workout with me in my classes at MVP Dance Fit Xenia & let's get stronger together!!



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