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I Had Enough & Realized I was More than Enough...

It was late December 2015 when I first walked through the MVP Dance Fit doors. I was penny pinching and my friend had to drag me in. I remember Rachel (the owner of MVP) bopping in front of the mirror getting ready. One Swerk class and I was SOLD!! I only had four classes left on my punch ​​card but there was no way I wasn't buying a year membership. I instantly knew this was a good place for the body and soul.

From there on out, I danced, smiled, and made that fat CRY. I worked hard and relentlessly. People were giving up but I knew I couldn't. I was done looking at myself and not liking what I saw. I was done not being able to wear whatever I wanted to wear. I was DONE.

Dancing was the only hour in my day where I could shut off my brain and be my goofy self - and doing that at least four times a week was paying off. I continued working hard for about 6 months and then it clicked, I knew what I needed to do: I needed to share this amazing and magical thing called dancing with people who had been where I was. Sometimes we just need a friendly, loving person to be there and support us and I wanted to be that person for other people.


I woke up one morning and I knew what I wanted to do. For six years I thought I couldn't be an instructor. For six years I thought I didn't have what it took, or that I wasn't pretty enough, or fit enough, or cool enough, or I wasn't whatever enough. I looked at those insecurities and just said screw it. I was done with letting my insecurities run my life.

I knew I was wasting time and I would regret it if I didn't go for it. I told my family my dream about how one day I was going to teach huge classes filled with women who had been in the same spot as me. I think they thought I was seeing unicorns and maybe reaching a little too high. But I knew what I needed to do, I knew I was capable and I wanted to let other women know they were capable too!

The scariest moment of my life was walking up to one of my favorite fitness instructors and asking her if I could lead a song during class one day [just to practice]. I was expecting that door to slam shut. It didn't. This would be one of many scary and nerve wrecking steps I would take chasing down this dream. I now realize that if even something scares you, you should do it! Fear of failure is never a reason to NOT do what you are supposed to do!


For seven months I showed up at 4:30 am and did whatever I could NOT to cancel a class (you feel so guilty when you have to), I subbed, I HUSTLED and I was thankful when I had 7 people show up (7 covered my rent!). Then- suddenly- those people became part of my heart and my life. Every time I saw them I instantly felt joy because I knew they were there because they needed to be (to unwind, reach goals, or just be sassy!). I was so honored they had chosen to do it with me!!

Then my class started getting bigger and I thought I could die of happiness. I was so blessed by all the faces and conversations and loving hearts. So many beautiful souls and faces!! I really think the happiest people in life can usually be found in a dance class. And then... SWERK happened! My group of friends and dancing divas grew! There was a need for happy gangster, goofy dancing, and I could help with that need! My heart was overflowing and I KNEW I was doing what I was supposed to do. I knew I was on the right path. It was so rewarding.

I have always been so critical of and hateful towards myself, and many women are! My whole life has been fighting that voice inside my head that tears me down and choosing to accept myself despite it. When you choose to love and support others, this thing happens where you turn your attention from yourself to them. That is where the real magic is. Focusing on uplifting other women has been the best solution for my narcissistic and self-loathing talk. My days were starting to overflow with loving and meaningful relationships and that is what I had worked so hard for and where I wanted to be.


What happened next is not tragic, but just life. The leader of our fitness group was going to retire and with that we had to go to a new space. A local Xenia gym graciously took us in. But our dancing diva squad had already outgrown that. I understood and sympathized with there not being enough room especially when you are paying for a service, you want room to run around and move. Some ladies let me know they loved me, but they were just uncomfortable - which I understood and respected. I missed those ladies like crazy. The owner of the local gym and I even discussed expanding the studio or raising the money to rent another space, but it just wasn't in the cards.

Fate stepped in and Rachel said the magic words - let's open another location for MVP Dance Fit in Xenia! She may have even danced a little while she said it. You have to understand, Rachel and Chelsea want to take care of their ladies (and Ted).

They would rather provide a quality service to their existing clients over getting more clients. They had people coming from Jamestown - classes are packed! All that being said, they had a desire to expand and share the MVP values which were so inline with my own. It was not an easy decision, but I KNEW what I needed to do to. I needed to at least find or make a space so my ladies could have at least have the OPTION to go work out somewhere where they felt comfortable and welcomed. Also, kind of selfishly, I wanted them back in my life! I can't explain the joy you get from someone choosing to dance/be goofy with you. Everyone is so unique and each relationship is so special.

My husband knew it was the right decision too. We both knew going into this I was going to have some really late nights and we wouldn't get to see each other often. But he and I both knew it was what I needed to do. There was no question. For a year I'd been "joking" about running a studio. Well, as it turns out my jokes were just preparing him for this summer. It has been PURE HUSTLE since then.


I just know that every person deserves the chance to workout somewhere where they feel welcomed, loved, and challenged. Fitness shouldn't be something we do because we hate what we look like or something society guilts us into. It is something we should do to better our lives and it is something we can do to improve our day, our attitude, and our souls! That is what MVP is about and why I am so excited to further the MVP cause and spread this revolutionary fitness lifestyle to Greene County! What is even more exciting is along the way I've found similar ladies who have the same passion! There are a lot of long nights, tough decisions, and sweat ahead, but every single lady in Greene County and beyond is worth it! You are worth it.

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