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What Do I Wear To Work Out?

Written by: Kaylie Ricks

Gone are the days of leg warmers and unitards while working out. Instead, workout clothes have taken a turn from sweat bands and baggy tees to biker shorts and racerback tanks. What you wear at the gym might not be as important as what you do, but it’s still important to choose your fitness clothes carefully.

You absolutely do not need to go out and buy an all new wardrobe before kick starting your fitness journey. No leggings will make you run faster, and no t-shirt will give you abs. A cute outfit might motivate you to work harder, but the aesthetic isn’t what matters. Fitness clothes are workout clothes for a reason. For example, loose basketball shorts and the leg press are asking for a peep show. No bueno. Resistance bands on leg hair is also not ideal. Start small with a few fitness wear basics, and add on as you reach your fitness goals. As you do, keep these tips for choosing fitness wear in mind…

Tips for picking fitness clothes:


Athleisure is a leading segment of the fashion industry right now, and point blank: fashion designers are not wearing these clothes. Don’t be fooled by the glistening models, they are not at the gym. That fake sweat is a gel they rubbed on, because if there was actually a workout involved the model would be miserable. Be mindful of your movement. High waisted bottoms, adjustable straps, and full support tops are essential. No one wants their goodies falling out for fashion.

Lightweight and Breathable

Leave the joggers at home for lounging, and choose pieces that are lightweight. Thick sweat pants will quickly leave you overheated, and can interfere with your ability to work the machines. Yes, you want to sweat, but you don’t need to drown in it.

Sweat Wicking

This should be obvious, but you want to choose fabrics that pull the sweat away from your body. This will help to keep you cool and dry (don’t forget to hydrate to replace those electrolytes). This is important even if your body runs cold, or you’re working out in the winter, because moisture on your body when you’re cold can actually drop your body temperature dangerously as well. Sweat wicking fabric should be worn whenever you workout, regardless of the weather.

Stick to Solids

Although a few accent pieces will give you a confidence boost, solid pieces have more wardrobe versatility. A pair of black leggings, black crops, and black biker shorts can match any top (solid or not). If black is too solemn, find your power color, like red, and integrate that. (Our Coming In Hot launch has some super spicy red options!) Sometimes we'll purchase a patterned set, but opt to wear them as separates with a solid. This greatly expands our wear. As with any capsule, be sure that new pieces can be worn with at least three other pieces before bringing it home. You want to make a statement at the gym with your gains, not your wardrobe.

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