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How To Get Out of a Food Rut

Written By: Kaylie Ricks

Never underestimate the power of a new recipe to get out of a food rut!

Do you ever feel like you are making the same meals over and over again? And then you wake up one morning and *BOOM* you’re just OVER IT?

Or perhaps you’re trying to achieve your fat loss goals so all you’re eating is chicken, rice, and broccoli. Spoiler alert: just because the body builders are eating this doesn’t mean YOU have to!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to 👏🏻 be 👏🏻 this 👏🏻 boring!

Your meals don’t have to be instagram-worthy nor do they need to be boring to be nutritious. Food can be fun, delicious, and help you achieve your goals! Here are some ideas to make it fun:

Meal prep with a friend or family member who has similar nutrition goals to you

Bonus of meal prepping with someone else: more variety! Instead of making one meal prep recipe, cook 2-3 simultaneously and take a few portions home of each.

Cook with your spouse!

Decide to stay in and skip ordering out. Pick a recipe that sounds good to both of you, put on your favorite music, and cook together!

Set the table once in a while!

Get rid of the clutter so you can enjoy your meal with a little less stress.

Change your cooking methods!

We're looking at you! Instead of throwing a steamable bag of vegetables in the microwave, season those bad boys up and pop them in the oven or air fryer! Roast them with infused olive oil and mix it up!

When you’re feeling stuck, you gotta make a change. If nothing changes, nothing changes and it’s easy to feel burned out if you’re not excited about the food you’re eating. Make it fun, delicious, and of course, balanced!

What’s your favorite healthy recipe?👇


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